The beginnings

Pilar, a tireless traveler and passionate about decoration, antique furniture and the plastic arts, felt that furniture and decoration objects that were quickly manufactured and not very sustainable, were very impersonal, without character or warmth.

It was then when the big question came: ¨If our homes are a reflection of us and as such are unique, why don't we decorate them with special pieces, with history and character?¨

In this way we will make them "only ours" making the houses become homes, joy into happiness and the family into more unity.

And this is how Antique began its journey in 2015, with the aim of being able to offer different pieces and decoration objects, with soul and treated in an artisanal way. Furniture and objects with temperament that become a reflection of the personality of our clients.

Our philosophy

At Antique we recover the value of old pieces with history. We think that it is an inheritance received that we must take care of, restore, update and value.

We work so that each piece of furniture that passes through our workshop is unique, contributing our experience and know-how throughout the restoration or transformation process.