The products that are offered in Antique Art and Decoration are made up of two different areas, the products made to measure and the products that you can see in our online store that are in stock. The payment methods available in our online store are broken down below:


  1. PayPal

    PayPal has been the world leader in Internet payments for more than 10 years and for its customers it is synonymous with security and convenience. A world-renowned payment solution that allows you to pay in just a few clicks, without sharing your card details and without added fees.

  2. Payment by debit/credit card.

    You can pay with your credit or debit card safely through the secure payment platform.

  3. Payment by bank transfer:

    The account number to which the bank transfer must be made is indicated.


When formalizing the order, 50% of the total amount of the order will be paid by bank transfer (delivery costs included).

Before the merchandise is shipped to your home address, the remaining 50% will be paid by bank transfer.