The free shipping offered in our online store will only apply to mainland Spain, excluding the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. We include very careful and safe professional packaging of the item. Delivery is carried out inside the home by operators whenever access allows it. Specialized personnel will remove the packaging so that they can verify that the order is delivered in perfect condition (only for peninsular shipping). If the customer does not want the packaging to be removed, they must note this on the delivery note and in this case, subsequent claims for damage or flaws due to transport will not be accepted. For shipments to Islands, the item will be sent palletized to guarantee that it arrives in perfect condition and will be delivered by an operator at the street door.

Conditions for shipping products (cubic meter):

with weight
up to 10KG

From 10 to 50 KG
From 50 to 75 KG
From 75 to 100 KG
MADRID gratuitous gratuitous gratuitous gratuitous
NATIONAL gratuitous gratuitous gratuitous gratuitous
ISLANDS €181.50 €249.50 €390.40


* For shipping decorative objects, it is sent by parcel in most cases.
Consult on the phone 91 360 64 64 or via email .

International Shipping / International Shipping

Rest of countries (outside Spain) Please consult.

Tel: (+34) 91 360 64 64 or 608 31 22 64

Other countries (outside Spain) On request.

Tel: (+34) 91 360 64 64

It is the client's responsibility to guarantee that the delivery of the merchandise can be carried out by the stairs and elevator, and that its weight and volume allow it to be carried out within the home, without architectural inconveniences that require the dismantling of doors and windows, or movement of furniture, with the in order to be able to introduce the purchased part in question. If access by elevator or staircase is not possible to deliver the furniture and it has to be returned to our warehouses, the customer will assume the return costs valued by volume of the merchandise (cubic meter price €120 VAT included).

In the event that the item cannot access the home and the use of a crane or furniture assembly is necessary, the cost of this process will be carried out by the end customer and will be paid in cash at the time of delivery.

No pulleys or similar mechanisms will be used to lift products up stairs or other interior spaces of the home. In this way, it is the client's responsibility to check that the items can be accessed through the stairs, doors and hallways of the home as well as in the desired location.

The transportation service is not authorized to carry any type of merchandise through the façade or outside of the home. Deliveries are not made outside of paved roads, dirt roads, or forest tracks and restricted historic centers, for trucks of 3500kg and 7500kg GVW.