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Antique French Sideboard Gieres

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    The Gières antique sideboard will become the protagonist of the room. Due to its versatility, you can place it in your hall, living room or dining room.

    Its warm wooden countertop with geometric designs, contrasting with the luminosity of the structure, draws attention.
    Its careful handcrafted carvings decorating the entire sideboard and its elegant legs do not go unnoticed either.
    In a matter of storage, it will become your best ally.

    Material AND FINISH

    It is made of cherry wood.
    So that it can continue to be with us for much longer, we have restored and hand-painted it in raw white with a very soft gray nuance. The profiles stand out in a purer white. We have finished with a discreet stripping.
    The locks are fully functional.
    Its state of conservation is very good. It should not be forgotten that, being an old piece, it may present marks and imperfections typical of the passage of time, which considerably increases its attractiveness.


    Measurements: 230 cm long x 57 cm deep x 100 cm high.


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    You must check the measurements of the accesses to your home.

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    Antique French Sideboard Gieres
    Antique French Sideboard Gieres
    Antique French Sideboard Gieres
    Antique French Sideboard Gieres
    Antique French Sideboard Gieres
    Antique French Sideboard Gieres
    Antique French Sideboard Gieres
    Antique French Sideboard Gieres
    Antique French Sideboard Gieres
    Antique French Sideboard Gieres


    Is the furniture real furniture with history or is it new?

    All our furniture and decorative objects are antique or vintage restored in our workshops, which makes them unique and exclusive pieces.

    Can I change the color of a piece of furniture?

    Yes, we can customize the color of a piece of furniture. This change requires an additional budget.

    Contact us for more information.

    What is the color of the furniture?

    The photographs are taken with neutral calibrated light and are environment photos to obtain an approximation to the color as real as possible.

    Depending on the type and tonality of light to which the product is exposed, the color is perceived as a yellower, whiter or darker tone. This is what you will be able to observe once the furniture is placed in your home and exposed to light from your environment.

    Can I receive my order later?

    Yes, we can delay the shipping date up to a maximum of 90 days.

    When you process the order, indicate in the Note of the same the estimated date in which you want us to send it to your home.

    We will contact you well in advance to organize ourselves.

    Can they leave the furniture inside the house?

    Yes, as long as the access allows we will place the furniture inside your home. Check HERE our shipping conditions.

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